I traveled far to get where I am - Now fluently speaking the language of design, engineering, and business.

Hamm, Germany

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Osaka, Japan

Philadelphia, PA

Buffalo, NY

No bragging: What people say about me

Lisa has exceeded my goals that I set for her, expertly taking charge of projects and pushing them forward. She exemplifies a consultant, identifying improvement areas, and providing valuable recommendations.

amy dutton

Amy Dutton

Former Director of Design @ZEAL

What truly sets Lisa apart is her commitment to knowledge-sharing and mentorship. Throughout our collaboration, she provided not only constructive feedback on my work but also a wealth of resources

sarah procter

Natalia Diaz

Former Junior Software Engineer @ZEAL

From day one, Lisa's been all about growth, learning something new at every turn, and applying it to not just do her job but to excel at it. She's the kind of professional who makes leadership's job easier.

trever yarrish

Trever Yarrish


Lisa is a fabulous mentor and leader who consistently goes above and beyond to support her team and ensure tasks are completed to the highest standard.

sunjay armstead

Sunjay Armstead

Former UI/UX Designer & Engineer II @ZEAL

Lisa excels as a product designer, demonstrating exceptional autonomy, translating complex user research into intuitive design solutions, and consistently exceeding expectations through her talent for incorporating feedback.

kevin craine

Kevin Craine

Former Senior Software Engineer @ZEAL

Lisa's exceptional communication skills, timely deliveries, and dedication to excellence far surpass her years of experience.

sunjay armstead

Nick Fuller

Former Senior Software Engineer @ZEAL

How I Got Here

In 2019, I hit a crossroads in my tech startup career. Burnout was real and invited me onto a journey of self-discovery. This period marked a shift from the hectic life of Operations and Sales to the peacefulness of Southeast Asia.

In Asia's calm surroundings, I began teaching yoga, more than just a physical practice. It was here, through creating experiences that resonated with my students, that I honed my ability to empathize and connect – skills that are the backbone of my UX process.

Back home, while building my yoga website in Webflow, I reconnected with a passion I always had: Design. User Experience Design wasn't just an interest; it was the confluence of my management and marketing expertise with my newfound focus on human-centric experiences.

During the pandemic, I delved into a bootcamp, fully immersing myself in the field. This education, fused with my diverse experiences, prepared me for a new adventure at ZEAL in late 2021. Here, under the mentorship of Amy Dutton, I began to truly thrive as a Product Designer.