Enhancing Resource Accessibility for Argen Sales Agents


The Argen Corporation


UX Designer, UI Designer

Focus Areas

UX, Information Architecture, Prototyping, Visual Design (from established components)

The Challenge

Argen aimed to improve the accessibility and organization of various resources for their sales agents to streamline the sales process and enhance efficiency. The existing system lacked a structured approach to document management, making it challenging for agents to find and utilize essential sales and technical documentation efficiently.

Impact at a Glance


Improved Sales Efficiency: Streamlined resource management, enhancing agents' productivity.


Centralized Resource Hub: Quick access to saved and shared resources.


Enhanced Search Functionality: Improved discoverability of technical documents and product information.

Product Page showing Resources
Product Page with a Modal
Saved Resources List in Argen Care
Search Results on Desktop

Saving & Sharing Resources

Goal: Enable agents to save and share resources from product pages, facilitating efficient distribution of relevant information to clients.

Action: Focused on efficient information dissemination by allowing agents to save and share critical resources directly from product pages.

User Flow for Resource Management at Argen

User Flow: Sharing a Resource

Adding Resources to Search Results

Goal: Optimize the site’s search functionality to include resources, making it easier for users to find technical documents and product information.

Action: Categorized search results and introduced tabs for “Products” and “Resources” to improve resource discoverability.

Key Insights & Actions


Saving and Sharing Resources on Product Pages

User Need: Efficiently gather and share materials with clients.

Solution: Enabled agents to save and share resources directly from product pages, streamlining the information-sharing process.


Accessing a List of Saved Resources

User Need: Quick access to organized saved documents.

Solution: Created 'My Saved Resources' hub for agents to access, organize, and reference their saved documents, reducing preparation time for client meetings.


Saving and Sharing Resources on Product Pages

User Need: Easy access to information through search.

Solution: Optimized search functionality to include resources, categorized results, and introduced separate tabs for products and resources.

Project Highlight: Collaboration

Cross-disciplinary collaboration with Argen's Product Manager and frontend engineer was crucial. This teamwork ensured the balance of user needs, technical feasibility, and business goals, fostering an iterative process that enhanced design precision and implementation efficiency. Regular design reviews and open communication channels facilitated swift delivery and high client satisfaction.

Three circles meeting in the middle. Each circle is including a word: Product, Engineering, Design



Cohesive Resource Management Solution: Streamlined accessibility of resources for agents, significantly enhancing the efficiency of the sales process.


Centralized Resource Hub: Agents can now save and share resources with ease and quickly access their curated list of documents.


Improved Search Functionality: Enhanced discoverability of essential materials, improving overall user experience.

What I've Learned

This project emphasized the importance of cross-disciplinary teamwork and effective communication in realizing a shared vision. It taught me the value of integrating diverse perspectives and the impact of a unified language between design and development on achieving timely and successful outcomes. The experience underscored the critical role of iterative design and user feedback in creating impactful solutions.

Next Steps


Monitor & Optimize: Track the usage and feedback of the redesigned system to identify further improvements.


Support Continuous Improvement: Use insights gained from this project to enhance future designs and user experiences.


Foster Collaboration: Continue fostering a collaborative environment between design, product management, and engineering teams to ensure successful project outcomes.